We are a non-profit charitable organization supported entirely through the generosity of the community. With your support of monetary donations along with food donations, we help to provide nutritious meals to families in crisis.

Hunger is a serious problem for thousands of Canadians. In local communities throughout the country, these people are simply unable to provide food for themselves, despite their best efforts. Circumstances such as unemployment, single parenthood, and very low wages place many Canadians below the poverty line. As a result, they are forced to turn to charitable organizations for emergency assistance. A large percentage of hungry people are children, for whom poor nutrition can have a devastating impact on health and well being for the rest of their lives.

Food banks in Canada are attempting to respond to this emergency by providing food for families who live in acute poverty. The emergency assistance required is not the result of a shortage of food – there is plenty of food for everyone in the country. The problem is that many Canadians simply do not have the money to properly feed themselves and their families.